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        Make your coffee with Primus!

        For many, coffee is absolutely central both at home and out on the excursion. There are even people who have returned after a long walk to go all the way back and get the most important thing - the coffee.

        Coffee with Primus Lite + and Primus Coffee-Tea Press

        Lite + is a compact, top-mounted gas stove which is extremely efficient thanks to a heat exchanger between the burner and the pot - a perfect stove for many different types of hikes and excursions. To this stove you can buy a coffee press that makes it possible to serve fresh cups of coffee in no time, anywhere, anytime.

        Coffee with Primus LiTech Coffee / Tea Kettle 1.5 L

        To make boiled coffee is for many an art form. There are a thousand different approaches and probably as many different results, but there are a few main principles. You need fresh water and some good boiling coffee. Since the coffee grounds is not separated from the coffee itself by means of filters or a press, a little more time is required. When the coffee is added into the water, it takes some time for the sump to sink before serving. Try it out, learn from a friend and most importantly – let your coffee break take time.

        Instant coffee

        This is the coffee for those who like convenience and time optimization. All you need is hot water in a cup, plus a small amount of instant coffee. The advantage of instant coffee is that you can easily increase the dose of coffee in the water until you find the strength you prefer.

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